About Never Again Clothing

Never Again Clothing started in 2008. Before I started Never Again Clothing, my life was a mess. I was a fall down drunk and had no direction at all. My life reached a crossroads, and at that point, I chose to get my shit together.

I quit drinking and started finding my path in my life. It wasn’t easy at all; it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do . I quit drinking on my birthday while living and working at a bar. It wasn’t just any bar, it was the worst place you could ever imagine trying to better yourself.

I stayed clean and stayed living at the bar for a whole year. It was next to impossible, but I did it. Forcing myself to overcome my demons head on and not trying to avoid my issues made me who I am today.

During the time I spent getting sober, I needed an outlet. That outlet became Never Again Clothing. It gave me direction, confidence, business smarts, it gave me a purpose in life.

Step by step, I grew my little project, and as the business was growing, so was I. This clothing company stands for one thing and that’s: “Who You Are “. I get my inspiration from anyone doing what they wanna do with their lives. Anyone struggling with starting your own life or just trying to be yourself.

It took a lot for me to stand on my own feet, but I did it, and I did it alone. So for me, Never Again stands for me never letting myself get swallowed up by not dealing with life head on. For you, I hope it means as much as I put into this business and you can walk away relating to some aspect that we all are alike in trying to find ourselves.

Michael Fauerbach, CEO Never Again Clothing